AILA Research Network
CLIL and immersion classrooms: applied linguistic perspectives


2012 CLIL 2012: From Practice to Visions
19-20-21 April 2012
hosted by the University of Utrecht (IVLOS)
The follow-up to the 2010 Eichstätt Conference: In pursuit of excellence, the conference is built around school visits so that delegates can experience CLIL in action in Dutch bilingual schools.
Deadline for registration: 1 February 2012
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2011 AILA 2011: CLIL ReN Symposium 
Beijing, 26 August 2011, 9-12.
This symposium is the follow-up of the event at AILA 2008 in Essen, marking the end of the second three-year cycle of the Research Network.
Look here for programme info.

Conference website of AILA 2011

30 Sep – 2 Oct

CLIL 2010 : In pursuit of excellence

deadline for abstracts: 30 December 2009






7-10 June Jyväskylä




17-18 March
Vaasa, Finland

Who needs languages? - Micro and macro perspectives into language education policies
International conference & 28th Summer School
organizer T. Nikula  (abstract submission and registration for conference)

please submit your proposals via the conference website


CLIL and subject-integrated curriculum in higher education

Eeva Rauto, VAMK University of Applied Sciences



23-26 Sept
Miraflores (Madrid)

Symposium of the CLIL Research Network

organized by
Ch. Dalton-Puffer and U. Smit (programme)
A.Llinares and R. Whittaker (location)

programme & presentation slides




27 Aug.

at the 15th World Congress of AILA:

ReN Symposium: CLIL & immersion classrooms: applied linguistic perspectives

organized by U. Smit, Ch. Dalton-Puffer and T. Nikula

Power point slides of all presentations & discussant's commentary


20-22 Sept. Vienna

CLIL & immersion classrooms: applied linguistic perspectives. Symposium of the AILA CLIL Research Network

coordinated by Ch. Dalton-Puffer and U. Smit


15-16 June Helsinki

CLIL 2006 conference in Helsinki; workshop on ‘Communicating CLIL research findings',

coordinated by T. Nikula


29 Aug. - 2 Sept. London

ESSE Conference: Research Seminar on ‘English as the medium of instruction in European schools: analyzing classroom discourse',

coordinated by T. Nikula and Ch. Dalton-Puffer


8-9 July

Workshop on ‘Empirical perspectives on CLIL and immersion classrooms'

organised by Ch. Dalton-Puffer, T. Nikula and U. Smit


3-6 Oct.

CLIL section at DgFF (German Association for Foreign Language Learning) Conference