AILA Research Network
CLIL and immersion classrooms: applied linguistic perspectives

CLIL is a very topical matter as this educational practice enjoys widespread and increasing popularity in many parts of the world and at all levels of education (primary, secondary and tertiary).

Such programmes are known by various labels: CLIL, foreign language immersion education or, content-based instruction (CBI)

This ReN aims at providing much needed applied linguistic insights (empirical and methodological) about classrooms where the teaching and learning of curricular content happens in and through foreign or second languages.

The findings will be highly relevant in two ways: first they will examine ongoing language learning processes; second they will explore the complex yet crucial role/s language plays in collaborative knowledge construction, which is mirrored in the range of disciplinary affiliations among the ReN members.  

Convenors: Ute Smit & Christiane Dalton-Puffer, University of Vienna
                     Tarja Nikula, University of Jyväskylä